Commander of Iranian Quds Guards Qassem Soleimani says US has no will to fight IS

Daily newspaper Javan reported that commander of Quds Guards Qassem Soleimani said US had no will to fight the militants group IS (ISIS). He said that today there is nobody in confrontation with ISIS except the Islamic Republic of Iran as well as its allies in the region that has borders with Iran. Soleimani further added that US air strikes had done no damage to Islamic state advance and even suggested that US is complicit in its expansion.

The response was to counter the allegations by American Secretary of Defense Ash Carter that Iraqi forces lacked will to fight IS which caused the fall of Ramadi in Anbar province. On Monday senior most British military officer in Iraq, Major General Tim Cross supported Secretary Ash’s view and suggested that Iraqi forces lack necessary moral cohesion. In Washington Republicans attacked President Obama for his inability to devise a workable strategy to counter IS.

The success of IS in Iraq and Syria has put extra pressure on the coalition of Iraq, USA and Iran. The war of words has further undermined their war efforts.

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