Eastern European Summit from May 21 to May 22

Eastern European countries that have borders with Russia will be holding their two days summit with EU from May 21 in Riga, capital of Latvia. Eastern European group comprise of former Soviet republics of Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Ukraine, and Moldova. The crisis in Ukraine has further highlighted the importance of the Summit. But it is apparent that EU is not willing to rattle the Russian President Putin by offering membership to these countries considered its backyard and termed near abroad by it. The eastern partnership was formed in 2009 after Russian invasion of two Georgian provinces that later broke apart from it.

Russia has sent a clear message to the world it will not tolerate any foreign influence in any of the countries bordering it. On the other hand NATO now considers Russia one of the most serious security threat to its member countries. In 2013 summit the former Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych was supposed to announce an association with Europe but instead decided to join the Russian sponsored Eurasian Customs Union.

The Summit in May is not expected to produce any significant changes in the geopolitics. Europeans are hesitant to announce any incentives that could be counter productive by Russia.

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