Leaked audio suggest General Al-Sisi provided weapons to Libyans

In a leaked audio conversation General Abdel Fateh El-Sisi of Egypt is heard talking to a UAE official to arrange arms shipments to Libyan General Khalifa Haftar. The audio is released by a pro-Muslim Brotherhood channel operating from Turkey. It was apparently recorded when General El-Sisi was chief of Egyptian military. General Haftar represents one of the two Libyan factions that claim to be the legitimate government. Government faction of General Haftar is recognized by the UN as legitimate while the other faction is consider sympathetic towards radical Islamist factions. The news about leaked audio was reported by Ajazeera.

A New York Times report suggest that a forensic audit of the audio recordings commissioned by the lawyers for Muslim Brotherhood found no indications that it was fabricated. General El-Sisi later overthrew legitimately elected President Mohammad Morsi in a military coupe. The military then manipulated an election in which General El-Sisi was elected President by vast majority of voters although the turnout was so low that the polling days were extended. Various surveys conducted by independent news media suggest that El-Sisi is not popular among Egyptians and is considered another strongman. It is also widely believed that Saudi Arabia provided over 6.5 billion dollars in aid to the military regime of El-Sisi after the coupe to prevent democratic rise of Muslim Brotherhood. Most Western government including US and EU refused to label the military intervention as coupe.

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