Suicide attack at a mosque in Saudi Arabia claims 20 lives

A suicide bomber exploded his vest during a Friday prayer in eastern Saudi Arabia. The mosque was full because of Friday prayer which is an important weekly religious event. At least 20 people are reported dead and many more in critical condition.

Eastern provinces of Saudi Arabia that border Yemen have a Shia majority and officials feel that Friday attack is to incite sectarian violence in the country. Islamic State claimed responsibility for this attack but it could not be independently verified. Lebanese Hezbollah blamed Saudi Arabia for this attack as promoter of conservative Islam that is considered intolerant towards other sects.

Saudi Interior ministry expressed their resolve to apprehend all those involved in the planning and execution of this terror incident. In recent weeks many suspected terrorists have been found guilty and beheaded by Saudi authorities. Saudi air strikes in Yemen have raised tension in the region and many fear it could result in a wider sectarian conflict.

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