Hillary trumps Bernie in South Carolina primaries

Democratic Party held South Carolina primary on Saturday. Unlike Republican Party where five people are contesting for the top slot there are only two contenders on the Democratic side. Hillary Clinton and Senator Bernie Sanders sought majority vote to establish themselves as the front runner. The final tally was overwhelmingly in favor of Secretary Clinton who secured 73.6% of the votes there by winning that contest and firmly establishing herself as the front runner and likely winner as a candidate.

South Carolina is considered a state here African-American form a deciding majority. Clinton and her husband former President Bill Clinton are considered champions of African-American voters. It was expected that Hillary will easily win the contest in South Carolina but no one expected such a wide margin. Senator Sanders in his concession speech made it clear that he is ready to go to the last mile. He assured his supporters that they will get a good number of delegates on Super Tuesday when 11 states will held primaries. But analyst expect that the momentum is now on the side of Hillary and she should emerge as the winner.

In South Carolina Hillary secured 39 delegates while 14 were allocated to Senator Sanders.

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