Trump wins Nevada Republican caucus, Rubio lands second spot

On Tuesday Republican Party held its caucuses in Nevada State to choose their presidential candidate. Donald Trump was expected to win in Nevada and he held on to this expectation by securing around 45% votes. There was a close contest between Senator Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz for the second spot. Once again Rubio eked out a win over Cruz by securing a second spot with very narrow margin. He secured around 24% votes as compared to 22% for Cruz. Ben Carson and John Kasich could not impress voters much and secured 4th and 5th place respectively. The pressure is mounting on the bottom three to throw the hat and get out of the race so that the momentum of Donald Trump can be contained and a more reliable candidate in the form of Rubio secures the nomination.

Nevada contest turned ugly when Trump called Cruz a liar when one of his campaign staffer released a video questioning the faith of another candidate Rubio. Rubio for his part continued hitting upon the credentials of Cruz to place himself as a better alternative to compete against Trump as well as defeat any prospective democratic nominee.

Jeb Bush supporters and donors have rallied around Rubio which has further improved his chances to have a deeper war chest and gain some more momentum. The inexperience of Rubio is a hurdle but it seems many voters are willing to look past that. Rubio has to select a more mature and experience running mate as Vice President to improve his chances of winning against a democratic candidate.

All eyes are now on Super Tuesday when eleven states will be holding their primaries. In next few days it is expected that Ben Carson and Kasich may get out of the race to improve chances for Rubio and Cruz. Trump on the other hand believe that Super Tuesday will firmly established him as the winner of these primaries and ultimate choice of the party. Republican Party establishment thinks election of Trump as a ticket holder will dampen its chances to maintain their majorities in house of representatives and senate. They would prefer Rubio or Cruz to win for the sake of the party and its future.

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