China seeking global military bases

Emerging super power China has expressed interest in developing global military bases to extend its reach to safeguard strategic interests. Currently China has a logistics base in Djibouti as well as developed artificial islands in South China Sea.

Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi said that Beijing was fulfilling its international obligations to protect shipping.

“We are willing to – in accordance with objective needs, responding to the wishes of host nations, and in regions where China’s interests are concentrated – try out the construction of some infrastructure facilities and support abilities,” he said.

“I believe that this is not only fair and reasonable but also accords with international practice,” Wang further elaborated.

Both China and USA are jostling with each other for international dominance. US pivot to Asia strategy has raised tension in the Pacific while the NATO alliance provides influence in the Atlantic. China on the other hand is focusing on central Asia, West Asia, Middle East, South East Asia, and Africa. Chinese alliance with Russia has enabled it to influence North Africa.

United States is working actively with Philippines, Vietnam, Indonesia and Brunei to restrict expansion of Chinese interest in South China Sea. China has rejected US mediation in these matters and demand bilateral platforms.

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