Defections of support undermines Afghan President Ashraf Ghani

It seems Afghan President Ashraf Ghani may not be able to finish its constitutional terms as many of its supporters have defected. They are now demanding fresh elections as the unity government of President Ashraf Ghani and Chief Executive Abdullah Abdullah have failed to deliver. These supporters say that there is a deadlock in the government and nothing seems to be done because of it.

Government spokesman deny this erosion of support and highlight that plans are being made to eradicate corruption and reduce chronic unemployment. In January former Ashraf Ghani supporter Anwar ul Ahadi announced a new party New National Front of Afghanistan.

“Given how weak the government is, if there is any more instability, it is unlikely it will be able to rule” after September, Ahadi said. “They have mismanaged the country and lost their legitimacy. They should go back to the people and ask for a new mandate.”

The unity government was formed after United States brokered a deal between the top two contenders. According to this deal the power was shared and it was agreed that a constituent assembly will be elected to legitimate the government. But this seems to be far cry and it is certain that September deadline will be missed. The President and Chief Executive maintain separate offices and staff. They cant agree on most cabinet appointments as their supporters want to retain as much power for themselves as they can.

“The issues they debate at the cabinet meetings are only minor. They don’t address any major issues facing the country,” said Ahmad Zia Massoud, Ghani’s special representative for reform and good governance.

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