North Korea orders nukes readied for any eventuality

This week United Nations Security Council (UN SC) approved new sanctions against North Korea. These sanctions were drafted jointly by US and China after missile testing by the autocratic regime. These sanctions could have a devastating effect on the already stressed North Korean economy. These sanctions target certain individuals associated with the regime as well as tight monitoring of the cargo going in and out of North Korea.

China has traditionally been the staunchest ally of North Korea which shares a border with the super power. China supported her during the Korean war which resulted in separation of the peninsula into North and South. China would prefer stability and keep the region free of nuclear weapons. China is the largest trading partner of North Korea and ensures it does not destabilize because of economic hardship.

The alliance between US-China to install new sanctions rattled the nerves of the North Korean leader Kim Jung Un to ask the military to ready nuclear weapons for any show down of power. To show its resolve the regime fired six missiles into the Korean sea. South Korea media suggested that this is normal behavior of their Northern part and tried to reduce the intensity of it.

Western media is still doubtful that China will abandon its long term ally North Korean or seek a regime change there. It is because China prefer stability and consider it critical for its own development as a super power. China might use North Korea to divert US attention from South China Sea where tension has been escalating between the two super powers. US has demanded that Chinese should avoid militarization of the region while Chinese blame US for militarizing it by interfering in bilateral discussions to sort it out.

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