Republican Party establishment accept Ted Cruz as preferred candidate

Conservative grass roots movement resulted in election of many unlikely candidates. Two of these are Senators Rand Paul and Ted Cruz. Both these first term senators later became aspirants to become Republican Party nominees for presidential elections to be held in November 2016. Rand Paul could not garner support and left the race.

It was expected that party establishment will support candidature of former Florida governor Jeb Bush or another first term senator Marco Rubio. But it was not to be because Jeb was lacked inspiration and continue losing state after state. Even a 100 million dollars superpac could not provide the necessary lift. When Jeb left the field the establishment rallied behind Marco Rubio. Again he failed to rally voters around him and remained at second or third place on Super Tuesday. After that failure many called for his departure but he continued making case for himself that his home state Florida will provide the much needed momentum. But it was not to be and he lost it to the leader of the pack Donald Trump. Marco left the field on the same day.

The departure of establishment favorites created a dilemma for the Republican Party and left them with only two choices. First accept Donald Trump as the nominee or second rally behind the tea party conservative Texas Senator Ted Cruz. Third option Ohio Governor Kasich was considered unlikely because of his failure to earn delegates. It seems the decision of the party is to go with the second best option which is to garner support for Ted Cruz to become party candidate.

The primaries on March 22nd saw establishment fully supporting Ted Cruz that helped him win in Utah and closing the gap with Donald Trump. Trump now has 739 delegates and need 498 delegates out of 944 available which turns out to be 53%. Ted cruz has 465 delates and need 722 more delegates out of 944 available which is about 83%. In other words, it is an uphill task for Ted Cruz to win outright. This will lead to a brokered convention and some interesting politics going forward.

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