Republican Party makes last ditch efforts to prevent nomination of Donald Trump

Super Tuesday primaries once again established Donald Trump as the leading candidate to secure nomination of Republican Party by winning seven out of eleven states. He is closely followed by Ted Cruz who won in two states while John Kasich and Marco Rubio won one each. But the difference in delegates is widening between Trump and his competitors. Trump is leading the pack with 319 delegates followed by Cruz 226 and Rubio 110. Rubio has disappointed Republican Party establishment by failing to win in many Super Tuesday states while Cruz emerged as a serious contender by closing delegates gap with Trump.

The growing delegates’ lead of Trump has worried Republican Party establishment because that could have a serious effect on governor, congress and senate races. In a last ditch effort Mitt Romney came to the front as senior leader of the party and attacked viability of Trump in his speech at the University of Utah. He called Trump a phony and a fraud. Romney suggested that Trump is a bully, greedy and misogynistic. He appealed to the party voters to pick any of the other candidates to save this party from splitting. It is still unclear whether this speech will make any substantial dent in the momentum of Trump campaign.

Marco Rubio and Cruz in their campaign speeches suggested that they will stay in the race until situation is clearer. Some analysts have suggested that the Republican convention in Cleveland may become a brokered event where a deal is signed between all these candidates. Some have also suggested that a divided campaign may be a better to stop Trump from accumulating the required number of delegates because in case a candidate drops out some of its support may move towards Trump.

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