Tuesday primaries strengthen campaigns of Trump and Clinton

Four states held primaries for Republican candidate selection while two states did it for Democratic Party. These primaries further strengthened the Trump campaign to seek nomination by widening the delegate difference between himself and runner up Ted Cruz. Trump now has 459 while Cruz has 358 delegates while they both need 1237 to cross the hurdle to seal the nomination.

In Hawaii Trump won with 10 delegates while Cruz had 6. In Idaho Cruz won 20 while Trump had 12 delegates. In Michigan Trump won with 25 delegates while Cruz and Kasich tied with 1 delegates each. In Mississippi Trump won with 24 delegates and Cruz had 12. These results are devastating for Marco Rubio who at one time was considered as the top choice for Republican Party establishment. This will further increase pressure on Rubio to drop out of the race and open the way for Cruz to have a one to one contest with Trump. Some analysts on the other hand believe that all these four candidates will stay in the race to divide the delegates that could force a brokered convention in Cleveland. This is considered as a best case scenario to prevent Trump from securing a nomination which seems highly likely.

In Democratic Party the contest between two contenders is now seems almost over as Hillary Clinton gains more delegates after each contest. On Tuesday there were primaries in two states. In Michigan Sanders won 65 delegates while Clinton had 58. In Mississippi Clinton had a clear win with 29 delegates while Sanders had 4. After Tuesday’s primaries Ms. Clinton has more than half of the delegates with a total tally of 1221 as compared to 571 for Sanders. Clinton require 2383 delegates to seal the nomination. It seems the path to Clinton nomination is now open and it will be difficult for her opponent to stop it.

The next big dates in the event is March 15th when multiple states hold their primaries for both parties.

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