US drones target Taliban leader Mullah Akhtar Muhammad Mansour

According to US media reports US unmanned drone aircrafts targeted Afghan Taliban commander Mullah Akhtar Muhammad Mansour on Saturday. The strike was authorized by US President Barak Obama. It is not yet confirmed whether Mullah Mansour was killed in the attack. Although the reports suggest that it is highly unlikely that he could have survived the attack. There was reportedly no collateral damage. Taliban has not yet confirmed or denied the news.

In a statement on Saturday Pentagon spokesman Peter Cook said that assessments are still made whether he was killed in the strike or not. He said that Taliban Commander was actively involved in planning attacks across Afghanistan and was considered an obstacle to peace in the country. The strikes were carried out in a remote area of Afghanistan-Pakistan border on a vehicle that carried Mullah Mansour and one other unidentified person. Mr. Cook in his statement said that since the announced of death of former commander Mullah Omar and ascension of Mullah Mansour there have been many attacks on US and Afghan forces.

Mullah Mansour was considered close to Pakistani establishment which played a critical role in his assumption of the command. But he faced resistance from the brother of Mullah Omar and other Afghan Taliban commanders. Only recently he was able to consolidate power through deals and resolve to fight Afghan government.

This is not the first time news of death of Mullah Mansour has surfaced. Earlier it was reported that he was killed during a meeting of Afghan Taliban but that proved to be wrong. This time around the credibility of the news is much higher because it is being released by US military establishment.

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