Motorola Razr review: More fashion statement than flagship

The Motorola Razr is many things. It’s one of the first foldable phones you can buy right now. It’s a feat of engineering from a stored mobile brand. It’s a Verizon exclusive. (Sigh.) What the Razr absolutely isn’t, though, is practical.

For some of you watching this, that’s not going to be an issue. The Razr is as style-forward as the classic models that came before it, and who knows? Maybe that’s enough. But Motorola and Verizon are asking people to pay $1,500 for this thing — a certain degree of practicality is a must. At the risk of immediately spoiling the rest of this review, the Razr won’t run any faster, last any longer, or take better pictures than literally any other phone in this price range. It’s a fashion statement, not a flagship.

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