President Trump permission was not sought to drop mother of all bomb in Afghanistan

Dan Lamothe of Washington Post reveal that permission of President Trump was not sought to drop largest non-nucler bomb in Afghanistan. The decision was taken by commanders in Afghanistan. Copyright Disclaimer: Video Embed picked directly from [...]

US drops largest non-nuclear bomb in Afghanistan

US dropped largest non-nuclear bomb in Afghanistan to target a tunnel complex used by Islamic State. This seems to be a message for terrorist outfits. The bomb is called Mother of all Bombs (MOAB). Copyright Disclaimer: Embed picked from [...]

6 Int’l Red Cross Workers Killed in Afghanistan

Gunmen killed six employees of the International Committee of the Red Cross in northern Afghanistan on Wednesday, the aid group said, adding that two other staffers were missing. Copyright Disclaimer: This video embed is sourced from Youtube’s [...]

Avalanches Kill Scores in Afghanistan and Pakistan

Heavy snow and avalanches have killed scores of people in Afghanistan and in Pakistan. Avalanches have buried entire villages and destroyed houses, leaving many families without shelter. Photo: Getty Images Copyright Disclaimer: This video [...]

US faces investigation into war crimes in Afghanistan

US faces investigation into war crimes in Afghanistan Copyright Disclaimer: This video embed is sourced from DailyMotion Official page of the content producer. For any copyright claims or violation please refer to DailyMotion Copyright Notification [...]

6 killed in deadly attack on German consulate in Afghanistan

It happened when a car bomber rammed the compound in the city of Mazar-i-Sharif. The car exploded at the gate of the consulate. Many houses and shops were also destroyed or damaged. The explosion was reportedly followed by fighting outside [...]

Interview of Tom Donilon, former NSA of President Obama

Charlie Rose interview former National Security Adviser of President Obama, Tom Donilon. They talk about North Korea, South China Sea and Afghanistan. Copyright Disclaimer: The embed is from the web site All material copyright [...]

US drones target Taliban leader Mullah Akhtar Muhammad Mansour

According to US media reports US unmanned drone aircrafts targeted Afghan Taliban commander Mullah Akhtar Muhammad Mansour on Saturday. The strike was authorized by US President Barak Obama. It is not yet confirmed whether Mullah Mansour was [...]

Defections of support undermines Afghan President Ashraf Ghani

It seems Afghan President Ashraf Ghani may not be able to finish its constitutional terms as many of its supporters have defected. They are now demanding fresh elections as the unity government of President Ashraf Ghani and Chief Executive Abdullah [...]