Did Saudi Arabia miscalculated its feud with Qatar? An upfront analysis

There appears to be no sign of resolution to the standoff that began on June 5. The Saudi-led coalition accuses Qatar of regional meddling, citing this as the source of the diplomatic rift. Qatar, however, claims the blockade is an effort to [...]

Saudi Arabia gives Qatar 10 days to comply with demands

The Arab states which have imposed an economic blockade on Qatar over its alleged financing of terrorism have issued a severe list of demands, which includes giving Doha 10 days to cut ties with Iran, shutting down Al Jazeera, closing a Turkish [...]

First batch of Turkish troops arrives in Qatar

The first batch of Turkish troops arrives at a Turkish military base in Doha on Sunday, as Ankara is trying to strengthen Qatar in the standoff with Gulf neighbors. Last week Turkish Parliament has approved the deployment of troops & a [...]

Turkey boosts efforts for resolution of GCC row with Qatar

Diplomatic efforts to resolve the Gulf diplomatic crisis are afoot. Theresa May, UK prime minister, has spoken to the leaders of Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and Qatar and urged them to de-escalate the situation. Turkey’s foreign minister said [...]

Can diplomacy solve the crisis in the Gulf? – Inside Story

It’s been a week since one of the worst diplomatic disputes in the Gulf region began. And there have been developments almost every hour. The Qatari foreign minister has been on a diplomatic tour in Europe. He was in London earlier on [...]

Qatar ‘terror support’ row spreads – Kuwait try to mediate

Jordan and the West African country of Mauritania which is a member of the Arab league, have either downgraded or cut diplomatic ties with Qatar in the deepening row over Doha’s alleged support for terrorists. Copyright Disclaimer: Embed [...]

Inside Story – How damaging are the email leaks from the UAE ambassador to the US?

How damaging are the email leaks from the UAE ambassador to the US? – Inside Story The Arabian Peninsula is a confusing place right now. Copyright Disclaimer: Embed picked from youtube.com official channel of the producers. All copyright [...]

Several Gulf States cut ties with Qatar for allegedly ‘supporting terrorism’

The Middle East has descended into a huge diplomatic row. Four Gulf countries: Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Bahrain and the UAE have severed diplomatic ties with Qatar. While Saudi Arabia and Bahrain have also closed their borders with the country. [...]