‘Freedom!’ 100s of migrants celebrate after breaking through EU border fence

Hundreds of migrants are being given food and first aid by Spanish authorities and charities after storming and climbing over a six-meter barbed-wire fence to enter Ceuta, Spain’s enclave in North Africa, bordering Morocco. Copyright Disclaimer: This [...]

RAW: Cop saves toddler cruising down rush-hour highway

A surveillance cam captured Chinese policeman saving a toddler who drove his toy car onto a highway full of speeding vehicles Copyright Disclaimer: This video embed is sourced from Youtube’s Official page of the content producer. For [...]

Gas blast rocks residential building in Yaroslavl, Russia (drone footage)

An entire section of a five story residential building in the Russian city of Yaroslavl has collapsed in a powerful gas explosion, which killed 7 people. The emergencies services say many are feared trapped under the rubble. Copyright Disclaimer: [...]